Post-doctoral position in femtomagnetism

-- This position is now filled --

We are offering a one year postdoctoral position to study ultrafast magnetism with unprecedented time resolution (below 5 fs).

Interaction of light with matter triggers a cascade of processes spanning a timescale of many order of magnitudes. With this project, we aim at studying the dynamics occurring in magnetic alloys on the very early time period of this interaction (femtosecond timescale). In particular, we want to obtain novel experimental data, with unprecedented time resolution, and shed light on the different contributions (local and non-local) responsible for the demagnetization occurring during this highly off equilibrium phase. To realize this goal, we propose to develop an innovative experimental approach to study charge and spin dynamics in solids with sub 5 fs time resolution. The realization of this project will have a significant impact on the field of femtomagnetism. Indeed, truly time resolving for the first time the first few to tens of femtoseconds following the interaction between a light pulse and a magnetic material is key to disentangle the contributions of the different microscopic processes participating in this complex interaction.

The position is funded by Sorbonne Université in the frame of an Émergence grant and will remain open until filled. For further information please see the detailed description or contact Dr. Boris Vodungbo <boris.vodungbo"at">.